Pacific Jetting (PJ) is a specialized, highly responsive firm dedicated to the development of safer and more effective high-pressure waterjet systems for industrial cleaning and cutting applications.

Founded in 1981 by Richard Mohr, PJ's sole purpose has been to provide a broad based source for industrial users of high-pressure waterjetting and process pumping systems.


» Custom System Design

An effective and efficient solution to meet your requirements (based on our on-site review); we provide optimal hardware and training for your operators to ensure an ongoing and successful process.

» System Assessment & Optimization

Reduce downtime and keep your plant on-line and productive with more efficient use of WaterJet power. We show you how to get the most out of your existing high-pressure pumps.

» Upgrades/Retrofits/Replacements

Mechanical improvements in your system can improve performance and have very short payout times. Where appropriate, we will recommend such changes and provide an economic analysis of the costs and benefits of these change outs.

» Repairs

A survey of your existing waterjet operation by PJ will reveal faulty and/or improper components and application/maintenance techniques which can prevent your system from operating in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.


» Waterjet Systems

PJ offers a complete line of high pressure waterjet systems, ranging from 10 horsepower to 1,000 horsepower.

» Waterjet Components

A high pressure plunger pump is the heart of any waterjet system; Pacific Jetting can provide the quality pump you require.

» Waterjet Applications Hardware

For more than twenty years, PJ has specialized in the design and fabrication of specialized waterjet applications hardware.

» Waterjet Parts

We offer repair parts for pumps and accessories from all major waterjet manufacturers.

» Waterjet Accessories

PJ offers a complete one-call source for all your waterjet accessory needs.